McGill University Health Centre’s Division of Medical Genetics.

The public health system (RAMQ) covers testing for Tay-Sachs, Familial Dysautonomia and Canavan Disease.

To complete a screening program online, with no wait time, go to

If you need more information about the online program or the medical genetics services offered by the MUHC, you can call 514-412-4427 or write to



The following private companies* offers testing in Quebec and elsewhere:

   1-84-GENEHELP (1-844-363-4357) or email:

  1-888-988-1888 or email

Contact Claire Bascunana at 514 798 2000 poste 611 or email

514 344-8022



Tina Babineau Sturk , MSc, CCGC (she/her/elle)
Genetic Counsellor/Conseillère en génétique
Regional Manager/ Directrice Régionale- Canada
Mobile: 514-755-4647

* Our organization is not associated with nor does it benefit from any option.