image_qaOne-in-five descendants of Eastern and Central European Jews carry some genetic mutation. It is now possible to identify these mutations with a simple blood test or saliva-test. If couples are both carriers of the same mutation and are aware, they have many reproductive options and can understand the implications of these options.

The Montreal Jewish Genetic Disorders Fund (MJGDF) is a volunteer-run organization. It was established in July 2006 and is dedicated to increasing awareness of:

  • Jewish genetic disorders and the need for screening
  • The testing options that exist for Montrealers
  • Reproductive choices for couples

The MJGDF is committed to:

  • Working with key partners in the public and private sectors to increase access to testing
  • Creating outreach programs to community members, Rabbis and educators
  • Providing information on current research
  • Developing educational programs
  • Informing public policy to improve healthcare


Jeff Wolff, Joanne Wolff

Julie Kristof

Volunteer Board
Ronit Amsel, Nelson Asinowski, Jessica Yaffe Balinsky, Norma Bigman, Teri Hoppenheim Burak, Dawn Eisman, Bonnie Feigenbaum, Faith Folk, Florence Fried, Debra Goldstein, Phyllis Karper, Sheila Kristof, Lisa Modell, Jennifer Lassner Rosenblum, Heather Sokoloff

Medical Advisors
Dr. John Mitchell
Dr. David Rosenblatt

Slide1Rabbinic Advisor
Avi Finegold, Rabbi and Educational Consultant












Foundation Partner
David Lisbona